Our Promise of Quality

Cal Quality Electronics takes quality seriously—it’s right there in our name. From start to finish, we ensure that every project meets both our own high standards of quality and those of our customers.

Certifications & Compliance

We are compliant with numerous electronics industry standards for quality, safety, and the integrity of the manufacturing processes. We meet or exceed all of the following specifications and certifications:

ISO 9001:2008: International standard for Quality Management System development and implementation. Click here to see a copy of our ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 13485:2003: International standard for Quality Management System for the Medical Device Industry. Click here to see a copy of our ISO 13485:2003.

AS9100:2009 International standard for Quality Management System for Aviation, Space and Defense Industries. Click here to see a copy of our AS9100:2009.

ITAR: Regulates the manufacture, export, import and transfer of defense articles and services.

UL: Product safety.

RoHS: EU Directive for restricted materials for use in electronics.

Operational Excellence

  • Process development based on prevention with quality designed in
  • Process control established from risk analysis (dFMEA & pFMEA) and risk mitigation (verification, validation, and SPC)
  • Continuous improvement with Lean and Six Sigma to reduce waste, increase efficiency, lower cost, and improve quality and customer satisfaction
  • Maintain a trained and highly skilled workforce that understands requirements and expectations
  • Maintain and calibrate acceptance equipment to ensure consistent product quality
  • Maintain and ensure ESD control conformance to ANSI/ESD S20.20

Workmanship Standards

In addition to extensive in-process and final inspections (AOI, x-ray), as well as other testing practices (ICT, flying probe, functional), Cal Quality Electronics further ensures the quality of our products by adhering to the following standards and guidelines:

  • J-STD-001 / IPC-A-610, Class II or III
  • IPC-A-620, Class II or III
  • IPC-7711 & 7721

Contact Cal Quality Electronics today for more information on our quality certifications and quality management processes.