Materials Management

Cal Quality Electronics understands that delivering a product to your customers at the right time, for the right price, and with the best quality are the keys to a product’s success. Cal Quality offers both consignment and turnkey manufacturing options. Our fully integrated ERP software, along with Aegis, is capable of providing traceability during every step of the manufacturing process, from the purchase of materials through assembly, packaging and shipping as required.

Our materials management team has industry experience and expertise to manage complex supply chain requirements. From buying and stocking necessary materials to managing customer component portfolios, Cal Quality can handle your schedule management, vendor relations, and flow-down requirements.

Since 1981, we have made it a priority to cultivate strong, longstanding relationships with our material vendors and distributors. Cal Quality Electronics’ financial stability and strength help us maintain an excellent credit rating with our key vendors, enabling us to ensure uninterrupted supply chain flow.

Our supply chain management process provides continuous monitoring to identify opportunities for cost reductions while protecting against counterfeit parts. In addition, this process seeks to minimize supply chain disruptions due to end-of-life components or those headed for excess and obsolescence (E&O). Through this active monitoring process, we have been able to protect the integrity of the material and create substantial savings for our customers.

We also provide dock-to-stock programs, JIT and Kanban. For our customers in the local area, we offer direct delivery via our own fleet for true Just-In-Time service.

Contact Cal Quality Electronics today for more information on our electronic materials management services and how they can benefit your project.